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Our Experience We’ve Learned From The Best

Premium Dispatching was created by some of the brightest minds in the biz. Our well-connected team has a proven track record and boasts many years of experience in trucking & logistics

Premium Dispatching started with a vision of offering quality dispatching services to all trucking companies across North America including small fleet operators.We have set the bar exceptionally high with our unprecedented ability to satisfy our customers. One of the most important keys to Premium Dispatching being an amazing truck dispatching company is communication and organization. Drivers are spoken to respectfully and brokers/clients are updated quickly and promptly.
Being organized makes sure that the business is running smoothly. Our team uses the best technology to make sure our communication channel with our clients are crystal clear.

Our Mission

Our dispatching staff is very knowledgeable about the industry has the freight flow knowledge to negotiate the best freight rates at the time of booking any load for our carriers companies. You ask, we deliver on your carrier dispatch service needs.

Premium Dispatching Service gives all of our carriers the peace of mind they need so they can do what they do best, driving their way to success.

Now more than ever before Owner Operators and Small Carrier Fleets are using Premium Dispatching Services to help minimize their daily office operational overhead costs, that optimizes their efficiency in time management, which maximizes their company profitability.

Meet our team

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